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Paint by Numbers

Quality means everything to us. Not giving our best seems like a ‘spiritual crime’ for us. We aim to spread smiles through our unique paint by numbers kits to help all make the most out of their talent and time! Our values and aim are what make our customers love us.

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Paint by numbers is one of the best artistic stress management strategies for anyone out here trying this lifetime adulting gig. But, I don’t have an artistic side, how is paint by number kit worth it then? Well, Paint by number kits for adults promises your brain a much-needed break as you create magnificent art.

All you need to do to explore your creative side, lower your cortisol level, and finish your art piece with endorphins coursing through your system is to follow these simple steps.

1. Prepping
Forget your troubles for a minute and lay down your acrylic canvas on a flat surface, then organize your paint. Next, apply your base layers.

2. Marching
Who said you the least artistically endowed persons could not paint? Not us! With the canvas and the base paint layers set, match the number on your canvas to the number of the paint.

3. Step Back and Marvel at your creation
You never know how great you could be until you try. Thanks to paint by numbers, you will have power to create the most beautiful, Insta-ready piece of art. And the best part is that you have a clear, less cluttered, and less-stressed body.

These three steps are all you need to transform your life, even for a few hours. And this is all thanks to the stress-relieving and rejuvenating power of art.

The healing/ therapeutic power of art

Coloring books are the rage these days because of their calming effects. Paint by Numbers will take over that position soon. This is because you not only end up with magical art to display, but your stress hormones go down keeping you calm.

But that is not all; science proves that engaging in creative activities relieves stress and also aids in communication while preventing a decline of cognition. These benefits are believed to come from the process of painting, and not so much the product.

The use of art in persons with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions has been shown to slow down the rate of neurological decline. It reduces stress and promotes relaxation too.

A Mayo Clinic Study of Aging notes that individuals over the age of 70 who participated in crafts projects have a lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment compared individuals who read books. So, if you don’t buy a Paint by Number kits for yourself, get one for a loved one whose age is advancing.

Note, however, that this doesn’t limit the use of the Painting by Numbers to the elderly, everyone needs painting therapy, age notwithstanding.

Painting is an expressive form of art that frees up your subjectivity, meaning that your thoughts, feelings, and actions after painting will be sound and objective. It also means that you can solve your communication problems better after painting. The main reason is that painting helps even the shiest person to unleash their creativity while expressing their emotions and feelings.

Also when performed in a relaxed and a non-competitive environment, it will strengthen your self-esteem. Painting also boasts your motor skills, your emotional intelligence, concentration, and brain stimulation.

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A guided form of art with the hard part done for you, Paint by Number kits for adults meets the needs of every individual, regardless of your passion. Whether you wish to paint dogs, cityscapes, cats, birds, nature, or anything else you love, Paint by Numbers got you! You also get customized kits which makes it stand out from the rest.

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